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Oceania Newsletter 15, March 1995


Jürg Wassmann

The "European Society for Oceanists" (ESO) is a new professional association which addresses itself to researchers with a regional interest in Oceania. "Oceania" is defined as comprising the classic geographic areas of Australia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia.

In the context of an increasingly integrated Europe (politically, economically and scientifically) the Society aims to enhance intellectual exchange and cooperation between individual researchers and between scholarly institutions, both within and outside Europe. This goal is to be achieved by maintaining an information network, by organizing conferences and by other appropriate means.

The society shall also endeavour to represent the interests of Pacific peoples to the general European public and institutions.

The ESO is an interdisciplinary organization; membership is open to anthropologists, linguists, historians, geographers, psychologists and other researchers.

For further information please contact

Jürg Wassmann
Institute of Ethnology
University of Basel
Münsterplatz 19
Ch - 4051 Basel - Switzerland.
Fax +41 61 2665605

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